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Digital Cable Television Pricing

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TV ServicesMonthly ChargeInstallation
with Agreement*
without Agreement
Basic Cable$50.95No Charge*$50 for 1 TV
Additional TV's $4.95 ea.
Premium Channels
HBOMAXTMCAll Four (Best Value)
$20.00 /mo.$14.00 /mo.$14.00 /mo.$44.95 /mo.
$30.95 /mo.$17.95 /mo.$16.00 /mo.
Additional HD/DVR Services
HD/DVR $14.95 per monthDVR Only $9.95 per monthHD Only $9.95 per month

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*12 MONTH TERM AGREEMENT - When signing a '12 month term agreement', Customers will be committed to maintaining DSL service for 12 months. If the customer fails to complete the full 12 month agreement he or she is responsible for the installation charges after the initial 30 days. If the customer does not complete the 12 month agreement, the installation charge of $100.00 will be billed on a prorated amount when at the termination of service occurs. (Either the customer initiated or LLTC initiated) All remaining charges for the DSL service from the installation date are due in full at the time that service is terminated.

All equipment that was placed with the service at the customer premise (modem & accessories) is the property of LLTC and is required to be returned to LLTC at the termination of service. If such equipment is not returned promptly a fee of $75.00 per unit will be billed to the customerís final bill.

** Public IP Addresses Available on Request.

Service Order Charge on all cable/DSL orders $25.00

All pricing plus tax.